Easy Protein Meals for Dinner

We’ve all heard Ronnie Coleman’s timeless phrase ‘E’rry body wanna be a bodybuilder, but ain’t nobody want to move this heavy ass weight.’

It’s as classic as it as grammatically incorrect, but did you know the truth to these heart-warming sentiments extends far from just the confines of the gym?

It’s in our kitchens too. Your kitchen to be precise – and what you’ve been making in it.

Coleman eating Pizza11

Ain’t nobody want to move weight? More like, ain’t nobody want to cook food.

Convenience is the issue – quickly becoming the defining attribute of human culture, namely in fancy for fast-foods and restaurants convenience is the cause of improper nutrition and snail-paced gains. Usually with astounding amounts of fats and carbs with dwindling portion of poverty protein.

But don’t worry. We have you covered.

In response to this uprising of the chancy cheap eats, FitChief.com has prepared a multitude of dishes to replenish protein and reclaim lost gains.

We are going to steer that convenience into something productive instead of destructive with are brief collection of life changing recipes.

Just finished at the gym? This is your recovery fuel. Each bite packed with pure protein to push your body to grow to the next level.

So pre-heat the oven and we’ll begin:

1. Black Protein Pepper Chicken

This is some serious shit straight from South Asia. Pouring with protein and full of flavor. The leading ingredient of black pepper isn’t just cheap, it’s damned delicious, and has also been shown to help with the absorption of other nutrients.

The tools:chickenblackpepper

  • A bowl
  • A pan/skillet

The ingredients:

  • Cubed chicken breast [1lbs]
  • 1 red pepper, seeded and stripped
  • Ground Black Pepper [1 Teaspoon]
  • Ginger Root, peeled and finely chopped [~1 inch]
  • Cloves of Garlic, peeled and minced [2]
  • Light Soy Sauce [3 Tablespoons]
  • White Vinegar [3 Tablespoons]
  • Olive oil [2 Tablespoons]

The instructions

  • Using half of the soy sauce and half of the vinegar, create a marinade for the chicken
  • Add the chicken to the bowl, refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  • Oil the pan on a medium to low setting.
  • Introduce the ginger and garlic for thirty seconds until the garlic cooked golden
  • Add the chicken for 3 minutes complete with marinade.
  • Add the rest of all ingredients
  • Should require approximately 10 minutes to cook through

And there you have it. Black Protein Pepper Chicken, from our mouths to your plate. It should give you more than one helping for tomorrow as well.

2. Leg Day Lamb Burger

When tackling something as mammoth as leg-day you need eat something that size as well.lamb burger

And I like my leg day meals how I like your mom: Meaty, easy to do and oozing with cheese.

This is a straight up protein dish. No frills. Just flavor and flesh to give your body that release from the burden its ground arms just endured.

If this dish was simpler, it would be you.

The tools:

  • A grill.

The ingredients:

  • Ground lamb [1lb]
  • Smoked Mozzarella [0.25lb]
  • Salt and Pepper

The instructions:

  • Break mozzarella up into 4 pieces
  • Make lamb patties around each piece
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Grill until firm should take just under 4 minutes for each side
  • Consume

3. Chorizo and Beans

This dish is a classic lazy man gainer dish. It’s so lazy it doesn’t even have a lifting-themed title.

All the right ingredients are there, but the effort isn’t. This is the best way to guide that convenience seeking lifestyle, without the worry.

Your tools:chorizo-beans

  • A stove pot

Your Ingredients:

  • Chorizo [0.5lbs]
  • Cannellini Beans [4 cups]
  • Chili Pepper

Your Instructions

  • Take that chorizo sausage and slice it up. Bury that motherfucker deep in your pot beneath all of the beans
  • Throw in the diced chili pepper, or whatever seasoning you prefer
  • Heat for 10 minutes on medium
  • Eat

That easy. This method is the ultimate method to encourage those gains, without the nutritional pain.

Easy Protein Meals for Dinner Conclusion

And there you have it. It really answers the age old imperative, ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner.’ as know all know the only person ‘coming’ will be you – due to the deliciousness of these cheap and easy gain erupting eats.



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