Deadlift Benefits for Men


“Oh no, I don’t do deadlifts, bro. They’re way too dangerous.”

How many times have you heard this said?

Probably a lot, right?deaddlift

If I had a penny for how many times I’ve heard that deadlifts are the quickest route to Snap City, I’d have enough money to buy the hospital they’ll supposedly put me in.


The main thing you have to remember about the bro that warned you about deadlifts is:

That guy’s an idiot.

Smart guys don’t mess up a deadlift.

Why? Because they treat them with enough respect to do them properly, and know that the rewards are going to be huge, rather than looking for a quick ego-boost of a win.

Chalk up, strap on, drop your hips and get ready: this is the FitChief Guide to the Deadlift Benefits for Bros.

1. Insane Gains

If you’re just starting deadlifts, you’re in for a treat. With the amount of muscle groups it works, it’ll put an inch on pretty much everything.sanpcity bb

Deadlift is the gift that keeps on giving, and considering the amount of muscle groups it trains up, your body has no choice but to grow in efforts to keep up with the gigantic iron weeds its pulling from the ground.

And the beauty of it? Because of the collective force of your muscles working together, it’s harder to make them all plateau. Usually by finding the weak link in the chain of your deadlift and training it up, you can just continue to grow and grow.

To make it easier, have the classic ‘short-term/long-term’ goals. Adding another rep or increasing the weight every so often just to make sure you’re getting closer to that promised pull.

2. Shredded

snapcity3Let’s face it – caloric deficit is your only way to lose the flab and bring out the ab.

But what does a deadlift have to do with that? It’s nothing like cardio.

Wrong, it’s better. It’s a hardcore exercise that demands so much from your body, it can tear your fat cells to pieces.

That’s right, depending on your weight and lifts you can burn around 450 calories an hour!

3. Speed, Power, Explosion!

snapcity4The only chances of moving anywhere at speed while deadlifting is if you fall through the floor. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be living life in the slow lane.

The power required to pull heavy ass weight off the ground requires some quick reflexes from the central nervous system, combined with some really explosive power.

This just doesn’t apply to your back either, this covers muscle groups all over your body which are taking benefits from the pulling.

Done right, it’s an exercise you can’t lose with.

4. Grips of the Gods

Ever wondered if there was a fool-proofed way to be one of those guys with super-strong handshakes?

Well now there is.snapcity5

If there’s one thing deadlifts are top notch at producing, it’s grip strength. No bones about it, this is the exercise to stop shaking hands… and start crushing them.

It doesn’t stop there, as we all know the deadlift works with multiple muscle groups throughout the body – it also makes it damned good at building arms, specifically biceps.

5. Boom! Hormones Everywhere!


It doesn’t take a genius to know that muscle growth and testosterone are very close acquaintances – buddies in fact. They usually occur together after the body has been through a lot of exertion, triggering the release of testosterone, human growth hormone and other delicious strength gaining treats.

The testosterone is key here as it helps:

  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Heighten Mood
  • Increase Libido

Whereas the growth hormone is solid for:

  • Protein Synthesis
  • Utilizing Fatty Acids

They secrete the most during sleep, so make sure to catch those Z’s!

6. Perfectly Practical

If you’re ever trying to unload the car of groceries, chances are you don’t do it on your back in a pressing fashion.
bagsbagsbagsIt requires grip strength, tenacity and also a hell of a lot of traps – but what better exercise to build up these areas than deadlift?

The tricks of the trade can stem into your everyday life, and believe me it’s for the better. It seems to me a lot of everyday life appears to be bending down and picking things up.

So deadlifting isn’t just for strength building and muscle gains it’s also incredibly effective for taking better control over your daily life.

7. Safe as a… Safe

Most deadlift injuries usually occur due to idiocy. snapcity8

This gives the lift a bad reputation, and many blame it for their own mistakes.

Done properly, a deadlift is a pretty standard exercise and shouldn’t cause harm.

However, people seem to fluff deadlifts a lot for two main reasons:

1. Convenience

2. Ego

Convenience is an absolute killer. People just find it easy to deadlift with a rounded lower back. Although the weight may be easier to lift, it puts so much additional pressure on the spine and can risk slipping a disk, or worse – losing gains.

Ego is another one. Nothing feels better than pulling a bar full of plates off the ground for the rest of the world to see. But you should want it enough to do it properly.

It’s easier to pull weights if you break form, but at what cost? If you feel you’re like your cheating, just stop. Leave your ego at the door, or it’ll take everything you’ve worked for.

Follow correct form and you’ll never have a problem.

What happens when you fail a lift?

Bench-Presser: Pinned. Potentially by the neck.

Squatter: Pinned. Potentially broken both knees.

Deadlifter: *drops weight* Walks away.

If the weight feels to heavy when you’re deadlifting you can just drop it. The bar’s not going to land on your feet. It’s an incredibly safe choice when done correctly.

8. Solid Core

deadlift absYes, number #8 is about abs. Not many people know this but deadlifts are incredible for building up a solid core. How? Support.

One of your abs’s main functions is to protect your back and keep you stable. It keeps you upright and balanced, and what better way to train them up than balancing whilst holding a hell of a lot of weight.

And the more you train deadlift, the better they’ll get at it and the better they’ll look.

Deadlift Benefits for Men Conclusion

As you can see from this generous portion of evidence, deadlifts aren’t just beneficial to your lifting lifestyle, they’re beneficial to your entire being.

Whether you’re looking to grow your abs, unpack the shopping, grow out or shred up. This is the exercise you’ve been needing to thicken out that physique and become a much stronger lifter.


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