3 Biggest Weight Loss Myths Busted

They lied to you.2353f7677fd0024c79cb17aa43c57292098f75d80b936294568c60fe25fcd94e

Your workout partner, that guy you know who’s a personal trainer, and that dude on the bus. Even him.

While you were busy getting shredded for summer, all these people and more who knew you were getting in shape and couldn’t conceal their advice boner any longer.

After airing it out, they regained composure and sheathed their throbbing know-it-all knobbler under some metaphorical Gym Teacher shorts which they used to school your ass on a lesson in pseudo-science 101.

It’s not their fault.

Some failed athlete did the same thing to them half a decade ago, and now to hide the mentally-scarred damage. They’re gonna do the same to you.

Luckily for you, we’ve prepared some solid science on how to deal with those shots of misinformed ooze that these people call “advice” in this article on the biggest weight loss myths busted.

1. “Your body only burns fat and carbs individually.”

We’ve all heard this one before. So what I’ve got to work out for hours before I start burning fat? Wrong. Entirely and completely wrong.

The body is always burning both fat and carbs simultaneously, what changes is the ratio that it does so. For instance a low intensity walk to the gym to not do cardio, will burn more fat then carbs, but it will still burn both. For argument’s sake somewhere around 60:40 fat to carbs. It’s also usually around that ratio when resting too.

If you want real figures, look up a metabolic calculator and really shove it down their throats.

2. “Low intensity workouts like walking burns the most fat.”977f53b0b0f78ac53b0068cc4adf54f66856811d0d3257074aff2d95f99c8dbd

Oh my god. If life is a drive down a long country highway, this is the deer you definitely hit and splatter all over your windshield at least once or twice.

It’s inescapable and you die inside.

However, I may have found a solution: that deer is wrong.

Before I confuse this analogy any further, I’ll explain why low intensity exercises don’t burn the most fat.

Okay, remember those ratios levels we talked about? Although low intensity puts fat up at a high ratio for burning than carbs, it burns nowhere near as much as the fat that would be burned in a higher intensity workout for the same amount of time.

What would you rather have 60% of $100?

Or 40% of $1000?

Also as an extra kicker, the carbs burned have to be replenished somehow – and your body transforms your fats to do so. Either way that fat is going to fry!

Another weight loss myth busted.

3. “You only start burning fat after 15 to 20 minutes of cardio.”

A lot of this ignorance can be answered with a few of the points from our first argument. We are burning both all the time at the same time. The only thing that changes during this 15-20 minutes are the ratios, when the fuel favored becomes fat over carbs.

The important takeaway here is that, the main goal is to get more calories burned than calories in. Even so, if all you had was 20 minutes it’d probably be best to take the high intensity road despite the ratios for the best effects.

Allow me to illustrate.

Sitting on your ass for 20 minutes

Ratio Fat/Carbs: 60:40

Calories burned: 40 (24 of these Fat)

An awesomely boring walk that lasts 20 minutes

Ratio Fat/Carbs: 65/35

Calories burned: 100 (65 of these Fat)

Running for your life from polar bears for 20 minutes

Ratio Fat/Carbs: 30/70

Calories burned: 300 (100 of these Fat)


And there you have it, our three biggest weight loss myths busted!

There are plenty more of these on the journey to get shredded, and if there’s any that I’ve missed that you’d like me to include feel free to put this in the comments below or share this article with an idiot you know.


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