Best Bicep Routine for Mass

Guns, cannons, pistons, whatever you want to call them, nothing says ‘Beast’ like a fine pair of sleeve-bursting biceps.

But what’s the key to having a strong, shredded arms? You know the ones, built like bombs and more vascular than your dad’s varicose veins?

I’ll give you a hint, it takes a lot more than dumbbell curls and hope.

I’m talking about precision. A military mission to hit your arms on every angle, exploding and expanding in every direction like the big bang is occurring right there in the two most important parts of your body.

This shit is real. And if you’ll indulge me, I’ll let you in on something I like to call the Best Bicep Routine for Mass or “BBRM!” as it will make you arms look how a racing car sounds: strong, sexy and extremely hazardous to the environment.

1. Spider Curls

This is probably one of the greatest exercises known to man for building those mountain peaks that tourists will trek to from far and wide to admire.

It works by isolating the top of the bicep and turns it into muscular gold.

For Spider Curls feel free to use a dumbbell or a barbell.

You know that bench that you sit on to text your friends you’re at the gym? We’re going to need that. Get your ass up and mount it like a horse.

Adjust the bench to a 45 degree angle, and spread yourself on top of it facing the floor. Make sure your head is over the main part of the bench with your torso pressing into that cushion.

Ground your feet and get ready for greatness.

Pick up the weight, and curl it. Ensure only your arms are moving during this exercise. When you reach the peak of the lift hold it for a second and really squeeze those biceps. Repeat until euphoria, or 5 sets of 15.

Remember, we’re looking for mass here. Check your form, and make sure you can feel the full force of those mutant arm-boners growing inside you with every glorious rep.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curl

Now this one definitely do not use a barbell. Partly because of the name and also partly because of the laws of matter.

If you’ve still got that incline bench set up, flip yourself over and sit back – this is another valid tool when partaking in a joyous round of MASSturbation.

Is that bench still at a 45 degree angle? Good. Now go get yourself some dumbbells and sit back down.

Lean back on the bench and hold those weights with their handles parallel to the bench. Keep your elbows close to keep your gains closer. Now begin curling, taking that weight all the way up to your shoulders. As you do so, be sure to turn your palms during the lift to face you.incline curl

Again, form here is key, the only thing that should be moving in that you-bench hybrid are the forearms. This should really bring the size out on that outer bicep head, and buy you a one way ticket to Gainzville.

3. Hammer Curls

Ever notice those guys with arms that look big from the side but average from the front? The type of gym-goer that looks big in a vest until you throw a shirt on him and it’s like canvass for the latest range of Muscleflague Technology.

Did his gains just vanish out of thin air?

Worse, that’s a guy that doesn’t train brachialis.

Brachialis is what makes an arm look thick from the front. The side of the bicep, a vital area of arm that many in Brovoscocia ignore.

This is the part where you learn how to make that not be you, through my expert tutelage on hammer curls.

This exercise involves dumbbells and not a lot of thought.


Stand up, hold each dumbbell with the handles parallel with your feet (in the neutral position), and curl them while keeping your hands in the same position.

You should only move your forearms and raise that weight up to your shoulder level. When it gets there, hold it for a moment before finishing the rep. Pump that bastard up.

It’s a great exercise and very easy to add into your routine.

4. Drag Curl

This is an excellent exercise if you are looking to cause an inter-arm explosion.

For Drag Curls you are going to need a barbell.

Once you’re comfortable with this exercise we recommend a moderately heavy weight.

To start a Drag Curl, pick up the weight with your palms facing forward. Your elbows should be pinned to your torso, but beware, this will change soon.

As you begin to curl the bar, keep it in contact with your torso and pull your elbows back to compensate with the weight. The peak of the lift should be just below the chest.barbell-drag-curl

Keep the barbell pinned to your torso all times in a slowed motion, this should work the top of the bicep and bring you into a whole new world of pain and progress.

We recommend using a moderately heavy weight with the aim to accomplish 8 – 12 reps for 5 sets.

5. Wide-Grip Barbell Curl

This is more for the inner bicep and is the ultimate tool for tuning up the muscle’s size and shape. Last does definitely not mean least in this regard as one of the most effective exercises in the this, the Best Bicep Routine for Mass.

Although the name may leave it a mystery to some, this exercise exclusively uses the barbell.

This size and strength boosting exercise is carried out standing, and feet shoulder width apart.


Starting by grasping the bar at it’s outer handle, or if this isn’t clearly marked grab the knurling just past shoulder width for a similar effect.

Keeping the elbows pinned to the torso, begin curling as normal – it’s best to take this exercise slow for maximum pump and results.

Best Bicep Routine for Mass: Sign Off

And that about covers it. A vital list of some of the best workouts available for turning those growers into showers.

Do you agree? Do you beg to differ? Let us know in the comments below if you think we’ve missed anything that we could add to our ‘Best Bicep Routine for Mass’ article.


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