5 Reasons why Masturbation is Totally Necessary for Making Gains!

fbarnold1We all do it. Sometimes more than once a day. Maybe you’re doing it right now – Maybe you’re not.

That’s not important – but your secret is safe with me.

What is important, however are gains. And how jerking off can be an intimate, and ultimate way of juicing up your lifts.

We’re completely serious. Done right, there’s a good chance your sexual strains can get you some glorious gains.

But how exactly does that all work?

Well here in a Fit Chief exclusive, we give you the run-down on the benefits of a crank-down. Strap in.

1. It’s Literally a Workout

Come on now, who hasn’t finished a ‘monster-masto’ session and caught themselves with a suspicious pump?

That’s because you’re using a lot of muscles here bro.

rich pianaLet’s work our way up the arm; first of all, your forearm is literally jack-hammering all the way through this ‘set’. That’s going to add some serious endurance gains to your grip strength, specifically in your brachioradialis (that top muscle of the forearm), which is going to be doing most of the work.

Although, that jerking motion you’re using to muster up some ‘magic’ isn’t just restricted to restricted to that area. Your full arm is in play here. Depending on your intensity, expect heavy gains in the bicep and tricep department… and also to start switching hands.

And if you make it to the end – congratulations! You just did a paused rep on your pelvic floor. The gains made in this area help the muscle groups that control your dong, with a stronger pelvic floor you’ll have more in later life, which helps prevent erectile dysfunction.

Who needs kegels now… not like we ever did them.

2. Increases Stamina

One of the key things that masturbation does is make you last longer.

runnerDrawn out sessions of self-exploration is training for when it comes to going the distance with a real life human being. The more you push yourself, the longer you can go.

Okay, stamina’s one thing. But who was gains?

We’re glad you asked. If you find yourself mid-coitus and surprised at the amount juice you have left in the tank, some power thrusts will really build up your lower body and push you through to the real climax – the highly sought orgainsum.

3. Surge with Motivation

shialabNow if you’re one of those bros who can’t face the gym when they’re feeling blue – this one’s for you.

There’s serious scientific proof that masturbation is a heavy provider of oxytocin (the feel good hormone), this reduces stress and helps manage the symptoms of depression.

As you probably know, when times are tough tugging can be a great way to take the edge off. And nothing helps you get shit done like that cold-water clarity you experience after the fact. This allows you take stock of your goals, and get back to bro-business.

4. Less Sick Days, More Sick Gains

Training when you’re ill is the worst. In fact, it’s best not to train at all during that time, you’re just making your body weaker for the virus. However, there’s a way to avoid this problem altogether… A stronger immune system.

arnoldThat’s right. It’s good for immunity too. See the study here.

Without getting too technical, the act of ‘finishing’ slightly ramps up your cortisol levels. And I know in the protein article we said this was bad for testosterone, but digesting protein is a far bigger process for the body, and therefore produces much more cortisol.

In this instance, however, just a little bit of cortisol benefits us by maintaining the immune system and keeping it regulated. Keeping you stronger for longer.

Suffering from congestion? Masturbation also greatly reduces any swellings in the nose and allows you to breathe easier for a brief period of time – take that menthol!

5. Rest Easy

Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to making gains.

Sleeping_after_Breakfast_for_BodybuildersThat’s the time that your hormones really come into action, and two honorable mentions are testosterone and growth hormone.

In this study, men who slept longer had higher T-levels than those that didn’t. In this case those that slept for 4 hours had 60% less testosterone than those that slept 8.

But what does this have to do with every man’s favorite pass-time?

Well, chicken-choking has been seen to dramatically increase the endorphin levels in the body which promotes a deeper sleep. This will give you a better quality rest to make more progress in recovering from your workout.

Overall Conclusion

choking_chicken2And there you have it, your ultimate ticket to gains via a 5-finger workout.

Masturbation is the ultimate tool for additional strength, stamina, sleep and overall general health. Not only does it help you physically, but also mentally – boosting motivation and allowing you to think more clearly.

However, if you’re looking for more motivation, hop on over to our Fitness Babes section. We’re sure there’ll be something over there to that will help gain more gains.



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