5 Things You Can Do To Lift Heavier Right Now!

We’ve all seen him. That guy who can move any weight; he’s got huge hulking biceps, a chest chiseled out of stone and legs that could give tree trunks a run for their money.

Everyone in the gym stops and stares as he stacks plate after plate on the bar, and gasps as he presses, deadlifts or squats it.

He’s everything you want to be. He’s everything you’re going to be. So what is he doing that you’re not?


A symbol of pure testosterone, and your answer to getting big. But it’s easier said then done, and we here at Fit Chief have exactly what you need to get started.

We’ve put together a list of the top lifting tips from the greats to unlock your inner aggressive animal. These are techniques that will instantly boost your lifts and get you closer to your goal gains:

1. Hold Your Breath

Breath HoldingStruggling to add anything to your one rep max, no matter how little? Well, holding your breath may be just what you need.

People will tell you not to do this at all, and we can see why – It’s not for the faint-hearted, and DEFINITELY NOT recommended to those who are new to lifting. If you’re going to do this, only do it for the first 2 – 3 reps.

Holding your breath is great for stability and helps tense up your body. This tight position allows you to command a lot more power from your lifts and rep out weights you’ve struggled on in the past. Weights will be easier to lift, but proceed with caution, abusing this method can lead to light headedness and injury.

2. Get Angry

hulkingOne of the main keys to aggression was of course going to be anger.

Anything piss you off this week? Obsess about it. Think about it a lot in the build to your lift, how it should’ve been handled, what should’ve been done, etc.

We all have those moments, and now it’s time to use them to our advantage. Letting the rage pour over you; unleash hell on your set. Get it all out of your system, and all out of your muscles. The result is pure tranquility, and newly drawn up gains.

3. Eat like a Man

steakbreathingYou are what you eat – and if you eat things that are high in testosterone, you’ll have high testosterone. And what does that equal? Power.

There are various meats, nuts and seeds the nutrients you need to boost your T-Levels. However, getting it all in one diet can be tricky. One of the best favors you can do for yourself to get your T-count higher is to look into testosterone boosting supplements.

We’ve tried a few ourselves and seen some crazy ass gains. If you want to boost your testosterone fast, and make some fast progress you want to hear our reviews of the best testosterone boosters out there over here.

4. Tighten up ‘dat ass’

datassAs we covered in #1, holding your breath stabilizes and strengthens your body if you want to pull off an explosive lift.

Using your glutes is a similar method – especially if you’re doing upper body work. Keeping your ass clenched, doesn’t just keep you safe in prison – it keeps you strong in the gym; hips are more stable and straight which allows you more drive when lifting.

Just like when you hold your breath, your body is a tighter and tense. It’s a powerful stance and allows you to be a lot more explosive in your lifts, repping heavier weights with more ease.

5. Break the Bar

If you need to get aggressive anywhere, it’s on the bench. If you’re not packing enough of a punch, you’re going to get pinned down pretty quickly by some heavy ass weight.

bent barOne of the main ways you can fight this problem is to ‘break the bar’. Not literally, of course, but that’s the picture we want in our mind’s eye.

When preparing yourself under the bench and grip the bar, apply pressure with your palms and forearms like you want to rip the bar in half. I guarantee the increased amount of tension across your upper body will allow you to squeeze out reps at a heavier weights than you’re used to.

It’s a great ego booster and an even greater way to bust through any difficult plateaus you’re being faced with.


You may have heard of some of these methods before, but chances are that you haven’t heard of all of them – and that’s what really counts.

Some of the smallest changes to how you perform your workouts, be it form, diet or mindset, it can make all the difference when you’ve been stuck in your training.

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