This Bro Drinks Breast Milk in the Quest for Gains!

As our Lord and Saviour, Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: “Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.”

But clearly Danny Davidson from the UK wants to stay young forever, claiming breast milk is the key to his gains.


The 32 year old personal trainer has been drinking breast milk for the last 5 years. Taking 100ml of the tit-tonic several times a week, Danny claims getting hold of the stuff online costs him around £20-40($30-60) every seven days.

Danny said what drew him to supplementing breast milk was through searching for an alternative to anabolic steroids. Rather than risk his health with the juice, he’d heard in the gym from rugby players that their secret to their size came from indulging in ‘Mother’s Milk’.

Yeah, sure bro.

phil laughing3

Regardless, Danny believes he receives nothing but benefits from the nipple-nutrients and has definitely noticed a change in his lifts.

Interestingly, despite taking the breast milk to avoid the health risks that come with roids, the milk itself could also cause complications.

Given Danny’s situation, breast milk is hard to come by and must be bought online from various corners of the Earth. The problem here is that this milk is literally coming from ANYBODY and supplies from any Hepatitis or HIV infected mothers can easily transfer the diseases to Danny.

Danny commented, “I’m very aware it can be dangerous, but I don’t screen it and I just take a chance.”


Yeah, strong logic there, bro.

However, he seems happy and as long as he’s not hurting, he can go nuts for all we care.

Danny describes the milk as “quite bitter and quite dense, it’s an acquired taste. It’s definitely something you need to get used to.”

Given that description, and the fact that Danny doesn’t screen the substances he gets sent from shady places online, we have to ask: Is he sure it’s even milk?




We’re not sure. But it definitely looks like it’s got some kind of protein in it…

Stay safe, Danny.


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