SHOCK DISCOVERY: The Keto Diet and Schizophrenia

When you’re making gains, on of the main things you need to be concerned about is your diet. You may be training six times a week for 2 hours a day – but if you’re getting your macros from Pop Tarts and McDonalds, chances are you’re not going to get those rippling abs you thought you were.

Needless to say, diet is everything, and the ever growing popular Ketogenic Diet Plan may be for more than just gains – The Keto Diet could potentially help treat schizophrenia.

But first, what is the Keto Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet

In a nutshell, the Keto Diet is a fat based diet that concentrates on low levels of carbs and high amounts of dietary fats.

The idea is that with so little carbs in your system (30 – 50g of carbs per day), your body enters a process known as ‘Ketosis’ which essentially encourages your body to burn more fat than carbs for energy.

There are various Keto diets, such as targeted (only eating cabs before and after a workout), cycled (eating carbs on certain days of the week and very little carbs for the rest of it) and other forms. The main thing we want to focus on here however is the large intake of fats.

Keto Diet & Schizophrenia

The study that has tied the Keto Diet and Schizophrenia comes from James Cook University, which looked at mice exhibiting the symptoms of the currently incurable mental condition.

This isn’t the first time the Keto Diet has been used for a good rather than just weight loss. Sufferers of epilepsy have had far less problems when living off a ketogenic diet with studies showing subjects having up to a 50% reduction in overall seizures.

Whereas in this study, the Keto Diet has been seen yet again to aid brain function.

The Study

Mice experiencing classic symptoms of schizophrenia such as hyperactivity, social withdrawal and deficits in memory were split into 2 groups for study – one on their regular diet, and another on a purely ketogenic diet.

The results were staggering with many of the mice greatly reducing their symptoms and showing healthier signs.

The theory is that as a ketogenic makes an individual run off a different energy source, the brain uses it in a different way. It seems to circumvent the pathways causing the problems, and allows the brain to function smoothly.

The Potential

If further evidence comes forward for the keto diet, it could mean not only that the 1% of the world’s population suffering with the disease may finally find more natural way to control their symptoms – but also have a solid diet that could get them jacked and ripped in the process!

It’s a serious win-win – especially with the amount of unwanted weight gain that comes as an unfortunate side effect to the medication.

The next step of this process is to move this study onto other animals and see if it has the same effects, then eventually scaling it up to a human model.

You can find out more about the study and how it effected the mice over on the James Cook University website over here.

It’s well worth the read.


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