This Mother was still benching 2 plates while Pregnant!

Meet the 40 year old mother who was still bench pressing 220lbs while 9 months pregnant.

Lorna Biggham was making all kinds of gains in more than one way – and we really don’t know to take this one.

After learning that Lorna was still performing in the iron circus at maximum power while heavy with child, the Scottish Firefighter’s midwife told her to cut back on it.

Lorna refused.

Using her seasoned experience of competing on the female bodybuilding circuit – Lorna thought she had all information she needed to train like a beast, whilst still ensuring her child would be born healthy.

“I didn’t want to lose my muscle definition so I trained for six hours a week and carried on lifting heavy weights.” – Lorna

Lorna claims she was approached multiple times in the gym by women commenting on what an inspiration she was, while men just stared.

We’re not surprised. They were probably mirin’ gains considering how Lorna looks in at competition weight:


Fortunately none of the training affected Lorna’s pregnancy, with her daughter Quinn being born 7lbs and 4oz with no issues.

Now, the Firefighter has returned to managing her life of working 48 hours a week, caring for her daughter and making some serious gains.

But what do you think? Do you believe Lorna did the right thing? Thankfully it turned out alright but was it worth the risk?




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