Bostin Loyd: Idol or Idiot?

This may come as a shock to you, but most professional bodybuilders take steroids.

I know, I was surprised too.

But honestly, how else do you achieve a physique that’s anything close to what these guys have?

Not that we have a problem with it. As long as the dudes who are using it know the risks, and have done the research – by all means go to town.

However, what we cannot abide is those that lie about their steroid use. (Disclaimer: The following video is totally unrelated to this post)

As the gym has become more and more popular among young people, members of the fitness industry are looked to as aspirations for a ‘goal physique’.

Unfortunately many of these ‘goal physiques’ come as a product of steroid use, and something that can’t be attained naturally no matter how hard the newbie works – despite their ‘idol’ claiming all they need to do is properly diet and exercise.

This not only damages their motivation to keep working out, but also their self confidence.

I can already think of a few off hand. (Disclaimer: Following pictures also unrelated to this post)



Only a few have really come forward about their use, with one of the most famous cases being Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who actually has a pretty good explanation why many of these guys try to hide it.

And some only do it at the end of their professional career, albeit in a very suggestive way (Disclaimer: The video below? Also unrelated.)

However, this still doesn’t explain why some of the YouTube Fitness Crowd won’t speak up – when they themselves have nothing to lose by admitting it.

One could argue that it could damage their credibility and their follower rating because their ‘dream physique’ is now unattainable without taking illegal action – however, I firmly believe even when using steroids a shit load of works needs to be put in to see some of these ‘next level’ results.

So they could still be seen as an inspiration for their intensity of their training.

There is one YouTube star in particular however who doesn’t give one solitary shit about your stance either way, and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to honesty in the bodybuilding community:


This is Bostin Loyd. One of the most honest steroid abusers on the internet.

He first became popular after uploading a 1 year transformation video which admitted his steroid use and actually went into detail about his stack.

It’s quite a long video so we’ve found a summary of courtesy of Physique of Greatness:

Due to his attitude, and sometimes ignorance over his own steroid use (failure to prevent for gyno and a serious arm infection – warning graphic) he has caused a lot of controversy in the lifting world over whether his honesty is admirable or not.

This is where it get’s tricky. There are 2 schools of thought to consider:

  • Bostin is doing the right thing talking about his use
  • Bostin is an idiot and could potentially ruin lives

Bostin is doing the right thing

As Bostin is so honest about his steroid abuse, it becomes instantly understandable that his physique can only be attained by using performance enhancing drugs. It also makes it clear who else is also juicing up on the juice when you compare his physique to some Pro-BB’ers.

At the same time, depending on where you look, he can also come across as a deterrent to using steroids. The injuries that he’s had with his arm and the other general mistakes he’s made may make anyone considering taking these chemicals think twice before pursing, or fully educate themselves first.

Bostin is an idiot

However on the other side of the coin we can see why Bostin is potentially poison to a lot of young ones just starting off in the gym.

The more impressionable viewers of Bostin will see his thick, bulky physique at the start of the above video and be blown away by the cut muscular figure that it becomes at the end of it. They’ll want that physique, and if it only takes a year – they’ll definitely want to take the risk.

Let’s face it, a lot of us young guys think we’re invincible. It becomes pretty easy to see Bostin making all of these mistakes and then scoffing it off with a ‘Yeah, but that won’t happen to me mindset’ – but if you don’t have your shit on lockdown – it probably will.

To make things worse Bostin promotes the sale of various steroids online claiming it is “research purposes only” and synthol oil for “massage purposes only” through his various social media accounts.

He actually profiteers off the sale of these products – so it’s fair to assume he’ll always be in favor of them regardless of whatever side effects he chooses to (or chooses not to) admit to the public.

This in turn inspires a generation of lazy lifters that see Bostin’s quick progress and buy the gear off him to get the same results. Being so impatient for gains, the chances of these guys aren’t actually doing enough research on how much they need to take, and at the same time throw their safety out the window – culminating in some serious accidents and injuries – and maybe even some permanent damage.

Overall Conclusion

Weighing up the pros and cons of having Bostin Loyd in the industry is a tricky one, but I think on the whole – he’s not the best guy to have around.

Although he has quite and irritating attitude with his arrogance and glorification of his steroid use – it teaches a lot of guys out there with common sense that ignorantly fumbling through the world of gear is not the way to the go – to either not do it all, or fully educate themselves first.

But more importantly – the man is straight up selling steroids. Over the internet, the more ignorant bros out there will definitely tempting and impulse buy on Bostin whilst not willing to fully research how to run a cycle. Which can lead to some really shady problems.

He also gives a bad name to a lot of the guys who use steroids as he approaches the subject with almost no tact at all. This adds strength to the stereotype of the moronic meathead lifter, something that no one wants to be associated with.

Although the bullshit of these juicing YouTube celebrities may inspire people to train with a heart full of false hope – at least it’s not one full of chemicals the person training can barely understands.


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